100 Weird Ways to Catch Fish Book

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  • Perfect gift book for anglers
  • Entertaining to veterans and newcomers who fish saltwater and fresh
Many who catch fish and fish in a variety of foreign and problematic habitats have developed a panoply of interesting, innovative, and oftentimes weird ways of outwitting them. These 90 essays mix fact, lore, and anecdotes in a humorous compilation describing the great lengths to which fishermen are willing to go to extract these relatively dimwitted yet challenging creatures from lakes, rivers, and the sea. On the cover, a retired school bus driver in Washington rigged a giant slingshot to the side of an ancient Volkswagen Beetle. By rearing back about twenty feet on the rubber sling, he could fire his railroad spike sinker and bait well out into the Columbia River to catch sturgeon. About the Author: John Waldman is author of Heartbeats in the Muck and The Dance of the Flying Gurnards and writes for the New York Times, The Underwater Naturalist, and The Fisherman. He is a senior scientist with the Hudson River Foundation for Science and Research.