101 Shooting Excuses Book

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  • Essential gift for every shooter
  • Hilarious cartoons from Britain's most popular outdoors illustrator
Missed again! Now you have an excuse, or 101 to be exact. This little book is the answer for any shot that misses from time to time and needs to explain why. "The bird swerved, I'm stiff from too much shooting, my wife ran in, I'm missing intentionally to make them fly higher, her diamonds are making them flare. . . ." They are all here. Bryn's wonderful cartoons illustrate his excuses and make this book the essential gift for every shooter. About the Author:
Bryn Parry is one of Britain's best known countryside cartoonists. His cartoons appear in country magazines, and he has illustrated countless products with his witty, detailed, and perceptive pictures. Bryn Parry lives with his wife, Emma, their three children and two dogs in Wiltshire. Bryn's previous bestsellers are Mad Dogs and Englishmen, Shooting Types, Horses for Courses, and with his wife Emma, Home on the Range. Book is on order but we can not guarantee Christmas delivery!