101 Ways to Help Birds Book

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  • Specific, meaningful actions anyone can take
  • Practical advice on feeding and attracting backyard birds
  • How to create a bird-friendly household and community
This engaging book presents 101 things individuals can do to help both individual birds and bird populations as a whole. It also explains exactly how these actions can make a difference--what wrongs they help correct and what improvements they can bring about. Bird-friendly (and environment-friendly) practices are described in detail: things anyone can do around the home and garden, at work, at the store, in their community, in the outdoors, and on the road. Anyone who appreciates wild birds knows that the animals need our help. This timely guide shows bird-lovers what they can do. About the Author:
Laura Erickson is the writer/producer of the radio program "For the Birds," which airs throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. She is the author of Sharing the Wonder of Birds with Kids, a National Outdoor Book Award winner, and For the Birds and a frequent contributor to Audubon and Birder's World.