5' Rip Cord Pack - Black

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5' Rip Cord Pack, qty. 2 Rip Cords + 1 SS S-Biner per package, Color: Black People have carried knotted 550 paracord with them in many configurations for many years. It is widely understood that having a length of 550 paracord on you is always beneficial. The only problem with traditionally made 550 paracord key fobs, key chains, and lanyards is that they are quite hard to take apart quickly. Have you ever had to take apart one of your bracelets, key fobs, or lanyards? How long did it take you? If you haven't ever needed to before, try it now without a tool. See for yourself how long this takes you and how difficult it really is. While you are doing it, imagine yourself in a survival or tactical scenario where time is of the essence. How fast do you have access to your cord? BBK has been asked thousands of times for a method to deploy 550 cord quickly and it still carry comfortably. They developed the all new, Never Before Seen, BBK "Rip Cord" in response to this need. Our "Rip Cords" are hands-down the fastest 550 cord deployment system in the world. Deployment is simple. Secure your "Rip Cord" to a key chain, d-ring, or the included s-biner. Grab the top portion of the pod securely, then pull away from the loop end. This will expose the "Rip Cord". Hold the pod in one hand, then pull the cord with your other hand until all the cord is exposed. You can deploy 5-10' of cord in under a second, and 20' of cord in under 2.
Possible Improvised Tactical/Survival Uses: Use for lashing together a shelter, leashing stray dogs, muzzle dangerous dogs, secure open doors, improvised handcuffs, hog tie, trapping, fishing, use as a tie down for your trunk, hang food, self defense (with proper training,a small amount of 550 cord can be an excellent SD tool), improvised repairs, or tie down's for the bed of your truck. Deploy your Rip Cord and drop it from a second story window to hoist heavy gear. These are just some of the many uses that were provided for us as feedback from our police, military, and professional survivalist testers.

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Feedback broken?

Either the feedback on this website is broken, or it is simply biased to good reviews only. This is the 3rd time I\'ve placed this review. Do not buy this product. You can spend much less money $5-6 and make this yourself in under 5 minutes.
Review by andboom  (Posted on 5/29/2012)