Active Nymphing Book

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Active Nymphing
Aggressive Strategies for Casting, Rigging, and Moving the Nymph
  • New and specific presentation techniques beyond traditional dead drifting
  • Long-line nymphing, no-line nymphing, downstream strategies, micronymphing, nymphing lakes, and designing your own imitations
  • Instruction on hauling with weighted rigs, hammering, jabbing, tilting the rod plane, roll casting, elliptical casts, curve casts, downstream loading
No other form of fly fishing has broader application on so many types of water for both active and inactive trout. So argues Osthoff, who challenges the long-held notion that nymphing involves little more than dead drifting with the current. In this book Osthoff advocates an active strategy of moving the nymph, applying effective casting and creative presentation techniques that will attract the most elusive trout. With comprehensive advice on rigging and prospecting, practice tips for a wide variety of casts, and strategies for precise control to bring your nymph to life, this is your guide to becoming a truly versatile angler. About the Author:
Rich Osthoff ties his fly designs commercially and guides trout anglers near his home in western Wisconsin. He has also written Fly-Fishing the Rocky Mountain Backcountry and No Hatch to Match.