Adventure Medical Kits Sport Utility Blanket

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Some emergency shelters are just that - meant to be used once or twice when needed and then never again. The SOL Sport Utility Blanket is a different type of shelter - one that can be used as an emergency blanket one day and then as a picnic blanket the next. Use it to haul heavy loads, as a ground tarp underneath a tent, rigged as a shelter, or to cover your gear in foul weather, and the Sport Utility Blanket will be up to the task.

The heat reflective outer layer reflects 80% of your body heat to help you retain warmth when temperatures drop. An inner woven layer provides exceptional strength and tear resistance, while the polyethylene top layer offers triple the puncture resistance of similar products. The blanket is equipped with six metal grommets for rigging in a variety of configurations, and the high-visibility orange color makes it easy for rescuers to find in survival scenarios. And, should you find yourself in such a situation, the included survival instructions outline tips and techniques that will help you take the steps you need to make it back alive.

Weight: 15.5 oz.
Size: 5' x 7'

Ideal Uses

  • Backpacking/Hiking
  • Car Camping
  • Hunting & Fishing
  • Trekking


  • Reflects 80% of body heat
  • Survival instructions included
  • 6 grommets for ease of rigging
  • 3x the puncture strength of competing products
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