Alphabet Killer: The True Story of the Double Initial Murders Book

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Between 1971 and 1973, three young girls, ages ten to eleven, were found sexually assaulted and slain near Rochester, New York. The girls all had double initials for their first and last names and were found dead in suburbs with names in which the first letter coordinated with the girls? initials. Two prime suspects later committed suicide. A third suspect, Kenneth Bianchi, went to California where he went on to become one of the infamous Hillside Stranglers, but to this day he insists he had nothing to do with the so-called Double Initial, or Alphabet, murders. The crimes remain unsolved, but interest in the case was reenergized with the release of a fictionalized motion picture loosely based on the murders. This factual account, the first book fully devoted to the case, explores the crime and the ongoing investigation. About the Author: Cheri Farnsworth lives in northern New York and is the author of several books on the unexplained, including The Big Book of New York Ghost Stories (978-0-8117-0455-7) and Haunted New York (978-0-8117-3249-9). Review: ?Alphabet Killer is a compelling account of a fascinating and bizarre murder case. Cheri Farnsworth brings a much-needed and fresh approach to the true crime genre.? --Gary C. King, author of Blood Lust Pages: 176 pages
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