All Natural Culinary Herb Seeds #10 Can

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These All Natural Seeds from Preparedness Seeds. The Preparedness Seeds Culinary Herbs Can provides a Missing link in your food storage plan. Each #10 can contains 16 popular culinary herb varieties that will produce enough herbs to spice up your food storage meals in hard times! Because they are non-hybrid, seeds may be harvested at the end of the growing season and then used for the next year’s planting.

· 16 seed packets sealed in a #10 can.

· Plants a large herb garden.

· Packaged for long term storage. Will keep up to 4 years if stored at 66 to 70 degrees and much longer if kept colder.

· All non-hybrid, open pollinated varieties

· Harvested seeds can be planted year after year.

· Packets are re-sealable for lasting protection.

· Complete planting instructions included.

Varieties Included:

ROSEMARY 300 Seeds
SAGE, Broad Leaved 200 Seeds
TARRAGON, Russian 200 Seeds
THYME 200 Seeds
FENNEL, Florence 200 Seeds
MARJORAM, Sweet 300 Seeds
OREGANO, Italian 300 Seeds
PARSLEY, Italian Flat Leaf 300 Seeds
BASIL, Genovese 200 Seeds
BASIL, Lemon 200 Seeds
CHIVES 200 Seeds
CHIVES, Garlic 200 Seeds
CILANTRO, Slow Bolt 300 Seeds
DILL, Bouquet 400 Seeds

These are all natural and have ...

1) No fungicides, etc.
2) Non-hybrid
3) Non-GMO (Non-Genetically modified)

Shelf Life

There are some non-hybrid seed companies that make claims that the seeds will store for 20-100 years but this is only under optimal conditions with a decreased fertility rate over time. Preparedness Seeds claim that their seeds will keep AT LEAST 4-5 years on a shelf at 70 degrees and 10+ years if kept refrigerated or frozen.


The reason that the seeds need to be sealed is not to keep the oxygen out (it actually needs a little to stay viable) but to keep the moisture out. Inside of the #10 can, each variety is hermetically sealed in a mylar bag that also has a zip lock seal - kind of like the items that you get at the store that have a top section that you tear off leaving the zip lock seal at the top that can be resealed. This way a person can open the can and plant only a few varieties without effecting the shelf life of the ones that weren't opened.

Included with each can are complete planting and harvesting instructions.