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Protect without power! Perfect for job site protection on new projects before the power is connected. The Auxiliary Mobile Power System (AMPS) allows you to run the tattletale alarm unit for up 2 to 3 days from a marine battery. This rating depends on many factors and is only and estimate; actual runtimes may vary. The package includes: 1 DC/AC inverter: 400 Watt, battery clamps, auto shut-off protection. 1 Battery charger: Schumaker 12 amp automatic 12 volt deep cycle charger. We ask that the customer supply the battery to avoid expensive shipping charges. You MUST use a type 29 105 AH deep Cycle Marine Battery with the AMPS package. About Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems Tattletale Portable Alarm Systems, Inc. was founded in 1995. Since then the company has sold thousands of alarm systems throughout the United States. The company?s headquarters is in Westerville Ohio. The Tattletale alarm system is the world?s first and only portable, digital cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors. The system is completely do-it-yourself (DIY) and can be unpacked and activated with tattletale?s central alarm monitoring service and armed within minutes of purchase or lease. Business Tattletale?s primary business is the design, development, production, and marketing of the world?s first portable, digital cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors. In addition, tattletale provides 24 hour, nationwide wireless monitoring for every tattletale security system sold. Services Tattletale is committed to providing outstanding customer care. Our monitoring services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our Underwriters? Laboratories listed dispatch center, National Monitoring Center (NMC) in California with a fully redundant backup station in Texas. Operators are always ready to assist you with your tattletale alarm. Our headquarter staff is available Monday ? Friday 8am to 6pm Eastern time with live friendly people available to assist you with any need. We also offer emergency after hours support.