Animal Skulls: A Guide to North American Species Book

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  • Comprehensive guide to the animals of North America
  • Fully illustrated with drawings and photographs
  • User-friendly format makes comparing species easy
This uniquely thorough reference and guidebook offers illustrations, descriptions, and measurements for the skulls of some 275 animal species found throughout North America. The skull--the collection of bones that house and protect a creature's brain and sensory organs--is the key anatomical feature used to identify an animal and understand many of its behaviors. This book describes in words and pictures the bones and regions of the skull important to identification, including illustrations of all the bones in the cranium, leading to a greater understanding of a creature's place in the natural world. Life-size drawings and detailed measurements make this guide an invaluable reference for wildlife professionals, trackers, and animal-lovers alike. About the Author:
Mark Elbroch is the author of NOBA award-winning Mammal Tracks and Sign and coauthor of the Peterson Field Guide Animal Tracks, Bird Tracks and Sign, and Animal Tracks of New England. He is a certified master tracker who has been involved in numerous wildlife and tracking projects throughout North America and in Africa. He lives in Vermont and California.