Arid Lands - Vehicle Survival: Volume 12

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Arid Lands - Vehicle Survival: Volume 12

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Woodsmaster Volume 12

Arid Lands - Vehicle Survival

Don’t Walk Away from Survival...Ride!

This is the one DVD we were asked for more than any other...Vehicle Survival. Did you know that roughly 80% of survival situations begin when a vehicle becomes stuck or disabled? Get back “on-the-road” and the situation ends!

Survival Video

In this DVD we teach you many of the “tricks” for getting “unstuck, repaired” and rolling again. The best way to survive a situation is to avoid the situation.

This DVD is essential for all who use their vehicles in the out-back of America. Even if you are just driving to a campsite these skills could save your life!

What do you learn?

  • Vehicle extraction and repair gear recommendations for your Vehicle “survival kit”.
  • Winches, High lift jacks, winching technique and safety.
  • Mirror, fire and improvised signaling techniques.
  • Tire repair in the field.
  • Getting Unstuck in sand or dirt.
  • Improvised winches and “Dead man” anchors.
  • Improvised repairs for tires, radiators and more.
  • Cool Woodsmaster tips and techniques.

    1 hour and 44 minutes of entertaining instruction!

    Learn how to assemble a vehicle recovery kit.

    What's a High-Lift Jack?

    Not only will it lift...

    This is a jack that PULLS and SQUEEZES. Learn how

    How about a winch? Learn safety and technique

    Learn how to use a "Deadman" anchor with a tire and other objects.

    See what happened when we broke down near this desert canyon and how we handled the emergency.

    Is this stuff worth having?

    See what happened when we broke down near this desert canyon and how we handled the emergency.

    Is this stuff worth having?

    See what happened when we broke down near this desert canyon and how we handled the emergency.

    Is this stuff worth having?

    Learn how to "Break the bead' and "set the bead" AND why this information is important!

    See some cool blade tests...

    Learn about Vehicle Emergency Kits and....

    What to put in them

    Learn about signaling with mirrors, fires and more.

    How is a cactus and a car radiator related?

    There are MANY more topics and a ton of tips that could save your life if YOU break down in the wilds.

    This DVD is a MUST!

    Believe it or not, I was so impressed with this series of videos that it was one of the reasons I started Being a former Marine and outdoors enthusiast, I greatly appreciate the excellent job Ron and Karen Hood do of sharing their vast knowledge of camping and survival skills. However, despite all that they teach in every video, I still find them to be very entertaining as well. These videos are so enjoyable that they make me long for Spring even before winter has started! Buy one and I guarantee you'll want to buy them all!

    - Tom Sciacca President JHL Supply/

    Ron and Karen Hood, the folks that make these high quality wilderness and urban survival videos really take their business seriously and do a lot more than make videos and play in the dirt. They also have a great forum dedicated to the same things. You can get tons of information about survival and preparedness here. Check it out if you're serious about getting into survival and preparedness. Click here to see our whole line of wilderness and urban survival skills videos.

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  • Vehicle Survival Volume 12 Video
    Reg. Price: $24.95
    Sale Price: $15.95
    Arid Lands - Vehicle Survival: Volume 12
    Arid Lands - Vehicle Survival: Volume 12