The Art of Pishing: How to Attract Birds by Mimicking Their Calls Book

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  • First-ever how-to book on this time-proven technique
  • Features 13 pish explanations and audio demonstrations by Pete Dunne
  • Effective throughout North America
Learn the arcane yet effective art of pishing from a master. In this unique book and CD package, renowned birder Pete Dunne presents an illustrated workshop on how to attract birds by making precise and well-practiced hisses, whistles, chips, and squeals (along with some kisses and thumps) that almost guarantee spectacular success in the field. The text explains the hows, whys, and whens of 13 different pishes, including the basic pish, stutter pish, whisper pish, knockdown pish, screech-owl warble, sequential chip, and squeal. The soundtrack features audio demonstrations so you can compare your efforts to an expert's. Together, this book and CD will send you well on your way to becoming a pisher extraordinaire. About the Author:
Pete Dunne offers in-person pishing workshops across the country. He is the author of numerous popular birding books, including Pete Dunne's Essential Field Guide Companion, Pete Dunne on Bird Watching, and The Feather Quest. He is director of the New Jersey Audubon Society's Cape May Bird Observatories and a founder of the World Series of Birding. In 2001, he was awarded the Roger Tory Peterson Award by the American Birding Association. He lives in Cumberland County, New Jersey.