ASP Quick Dam- Sandless Sand Bags - 6 pack

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Quick Dams contain powder that swell & gel with water. Swollen Quick Dams act like a dam & prevent water flow. Contents are non-toxic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. Stagger multiple Quick Dams to build a retaining wall.

Stack dams to divert water before it becomes a problem!

    • Compact, Ready to go sandless bags (just add water)
    • Portable & Lightweight
    • Stack Quick Dams to build a retaining wall to hold back or divert water
    • Save on shipping, time, labor & storage compared to filling standard sand bags


  • Storm/Flood Preparation
  • Home- Doorways, garages, bulk head and other leaking areas
  • Construction & Roofing site- Holds back water
  • General water or leak control
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