HiPo Gen 2+ 4.0x50 High Power NV Monocular

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The Gen2+ HiPo is a durable and versatile high-power night vision monocular. Its rugged design makes it suitable for use in the harshest environments including hunting, boating and hiking. HiPo features Gen2+ Image Intensifier tube and fully multi-coated optics. There is a powerful IR Illuminator that is incorporated into the Gen2+ HiPo?s rugged design enabling clear viewing when ambient light levels are low. An extra IR flashlight or laser pointer can be attached to the integrated weaver rail. The Gen2+ HiPo features an automatic shut off when exposed to an intense light source for longer than 1 second to protect the images intensifier tube from damage. HiPo Gen 2+ 4.0x50 monocular is 20% more energy efficient than the competition resulting in a battery life of over 50 hours. The ergonomically designed Gen2+ HiPo is the cost effective, reasonable alternative to the majority of pricey NV Gen2+ monoculars available. FEATURES: Gen 2+ technology High power magnification Long-range distance observation Low power consumption Automatic brightness control Auto-shut off against excess light exposure Comfortable for prolonged observation Integrated IR illuminator Built-in weaver rail for mounting accessories