Polaris 1.0x26 Gen I head-mountable NV Monocular with head gear

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Polaris 1.0x26 Gen I NV Monocular with Head Gear Kit incorporates the exciting element of hands-free operation like with night vision goggle but using a robust NV monocular. The monocular features fully multi-coated optics so that users can see a clear image with no distortion. A small, compact and lightweight Gen 1 monocular is secured to the head gear by a mounting system that sits easily on the front head strap so that the unit can be flipped up when not in use or flipped down when activated. The unit also features a separately activated powerful IR illuminator that uses a pulsating infrared beam to enhance night vision viewing capabilities. A simple detaching mechanism allows the monocular to be taken off the mount for hand-held use. Polaris 1.0x26 features an automatic shut off when exposed to an intense light source for longer than three seconds. This protects the Gen 1 images intensifier tube from damage. FEATURES: Hands-free operation Compact and lightweight, 12.4 oz / 386 g Versatile Wide field of view Fully multicoated optics Integrated IR illuminator Kit includes a monocular, head gear, head gear adapter, tactical protective carrying case