Polaris 3.4x50 Gen I Wide Angle NV Monocular

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The Bering Optics Polaris night vision monocular features fully multi-coated optics. The device has an optimal ratio between magnification, field of view and light transmission, which is perfect for viewing remote objects. The integrated powerful IR Illuminator enables clear viewing when ambient light levels are low. The ergonomically designed Polaris has a durable body with satin coating that makes it comfortable for extended operation. For additional convenience, the device comes with the wrist strap. Polaris features an automatic shut off when exposed to an intense light source for longer than two seconds. This protects the images intensifier tube from damage. This unique feature will not be found in any other similar Gen 1 devices in this price category. FEATURES: 60-hour battery life Wide field of view Long range viewing up to 300 yards Fully multicoated optics Integrated powerful infrared illuminator Wrist strap included