Wake2 2.5x40 Gen I Compact NV Monocular

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The Bering Optics Wake2 is a first-rate Generation 1 monocular that provides a clear and clean image. The Wake2's ease of use makes it perfect for observational applications. At 200 yards the field of view is more than 50 yards which makes it ideal for viewing moving objects. Wake2 has a built in powerful IR illuminator that enables clear viewing in low ambient light conditions at ranges up to 50 yards. The ergonomically designed, durable, satin textured body is very comfortable and makes the user's experience much more enjoyable. The lens focusing ring provides a fast, precise and efficient way to quickly refocus the device. In addition, the Wake2 is 15% more energy efficient than its competitors, resulting in a sixty hour battery life. This is one of the best in its class. Finally the slide-in groove firmly holds the lens cap to the monocular to prevent misplacing the lens cap. FEATURES: Compact and lightweight, 12 oz / 340 g 60-hour battery life Wide field of view Long range viewing Fully multicoated optics Built-in 0.25" tripod socket Integrated powerful infrared illuminator