Bears Wild Guide Book

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  • A full-color guide to the world of bears
  • Includes black bears, polar bears, and grizzlies
  • Information on dealing with bears in the wild Feared and reviled by many, bears are woefully misunderstood creatures. This natural history guide clears up many of the misconceptions about the animals and offers a glimpse into their extraordinary lives. Covering everything from hibernation to their storied fishing abilities, the book also examines the difficulties that bears and humans often have coexisting and gives invaluable guidance on how to act should you encounter a wild bear. Illustrated throughout in full color. About the Author:
    Charles Fergus has written numerous books about wildlife and the outdoors, including Wildlife of Pennsylvania, Swamp Screamer, Thornapples, and Summer at Little Lava. He lives in the Green Mountains of Vermont. 144 pages, 22 color photos
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