Black Bear Hunting Book

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  • A thorough, comprehensive guide to hunting black bears
  • Tips and techniques to locate your black bear and information on the best weapons, gear, and methods to make your hunt successful
  • How to judge the size and sex of bears in the field as well as how to estimate weights of bagged bears based on two measurements
The more you know about the animal you?re hunting, the better your chances are of having a successful hunt. Learning about the life history, habits, and behaviors of black bears is important for bear hunters because the animals are different from most other popular big-game quarry--and there?s a lot of false information out there. This fully illustrated guide covers all aspects of baiting, dogging, spotting and stalking, calling, hunting natural food sources (including grain fields) and snow tracking as well as where to hunt--making it a valuable resource for the novice and expert alike. Loaded with practical advice from a noted hunting expert, this book not only explains the best techniques for the hunter, it also describes the behaviors and actions of the hunted. About the Author:
Richard P. Smith is an award-winning outdoor writer and photographer. His work regularly appears in Deer and Deer Hunting, American Hunter, and other publications. He is the author of numerous books, including Deer Hunting, Third Edition. He lives in Michigan.