Black River Dreams Book

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A celebration of fly fishing, alternately lyrical and meditative, mystical and sensuous, each of these 16 essays represents an exploration of the intersection between past and present, spirit and body, water and land, trout and people, ghosts and dreams. Whether Werner is describing his first and last time fly fishing as a boy on a stream in northern Maine or the golden evenings he and his wife cast to Apache trout cruising in the dim mountain light, he brings an ecologically informed, poetic sensibility to all of his fly-fishing encounters. About the Author:
Maximilian Werner was born in Idaho, reared in Maine and Utah, and now lives in Salt Lake City. His essays have appeared in journals and magazines, including The North American Review, Yale Anglers? Journal, ISLE, Weber Studies, Fly Rod and Reel, and Sporting Classics. Review:
"A rare and mysterious texture envelopes this fine first book by a haunting new writer. There is always more to fishing than fish,Black River Dreams insists." -Nick Lyons, author, editor, and publisher "What we want in a book which is a celebration and a prayer to the world is the world-some real water, real fish, old friends, maybe a bear in the back of the truck, real morning, real night, and some real weather. Maximilian Werner has written an elegant invitation to share these things; in Black River Dreams every sentence pries at us to see, to feel, finally perhaps to get up in a while and go outside." -Ron Carlson, author of The Signal and Five Skies 176 pages