The Book of Field and Roadside

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The Book of Field and Roadside
Open-Country Weeds, Trees, and Wildflowers of Eastern North America
  • A guide to plant life in open dryland habitats
  • Fascinating fact and folklore
  • Detailed, beautiful drawings
Picking up where typical field guides leave off, this handy reference takes an ecological approach, providing complete descriptions of 85 plants found in fields, open meadows, and along roadsides--from Ailanthus to Yucca--as well as wildlife communities associated with them. Written in an engaging manner, this book helps readers identify dryland plants, discusses what other organisms, plant and animal, might be found in the same area, and explains why. About the Author:
John Eastman and Amelia Hansen have teamed up on The Book of Forest and Thicket, The Book of Swamp and Bog, and Birds of Field and Shore. Both live near Kalamazoo, Michigan.