Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails Book

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  • With this book, learn how to scout and prepare sites while leaving minimal evidence of human presence, and how to read deer sign to find the most productive places to hunt
  • Comprehensive coverage of scent control, including the use of odor-eliminating clothing
Picking up where ordinary deer hunting manuals leave off, Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails covers in detail everything the hunter needs to know to take mature bucks in areas where hunting pressure has increased deer's wariness and ability to evade hunters. Learn how to use an ambush sling for increased shot opportunities, and the value of fitness for serious hunting. Aimed specifically at bowhunters in pressured areas, this book and manual nevertheless contains a wealth of information useful to hunters everywhere. About the Author:
John Eberhart is a veteran whitetail deer hunter from the heavily hunted state of Michigan, where he has 18 state record bucks. His articles have appeared in Buck Fax, the magazine of the Commemorative Bucks of Michigan, as well as in Deer & Deer Hunting, Woods-N-Water, and Michigan Out-of-Doors. Chris Eberhart is a lifelong bowhunter and author of numerous hunting articles.