Brunton Solaris 26 Watt Tri-fold Solar Panel Array

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Utilizes the most efficient flexible, thin-film solar technology and compact two-panel design for maximum performance and portability. Ideal for variable conditions, especially low-light wooded and cloudy coastal situations, this is the solar panel of choice for researchers in the arctic, expeditions to the Himalaya, and photo journalists working in the undeveloped world.

  • Max output: 26 Watts (12V / 1600 mA)
  • Flexible high performance CIGS solar cells
  • Multi-section folding panels for ease of storage and use
  • Link up to two or more units together for more output
  • Dimensions: 21.5x41" open, 11x8.75x1" folded
  • Weight: 28 oz

About Brunton
In 1894, D.W. Brunton created the Pocket Transit: a compact, precision compass that freed outdoorsmen from the bulky equipment of the time, and set the course we still follow: never accept, never settle. Our home and headquarters in Riverton, Wyoming, at the foot of the Wind River range, is both inspiration and proving ground for products created to that creed, made for those who overcome and achieve. The drive to excel changed everything back in 1894; it matters more today.