Brunton Torpedo? 2800mAh Mobile Charger - Black

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Designed for fast paced commuters and drivers who want to stay connected but never be tied down, Brunton?s Torpedo? 2800 works with the 12v power socket in your car or truck. Features an on-board lithium battery, so you can take the charge with you when you go.
  • Lithium ION energy ? High-grade Lithium ION cells charge faster and last longer; no memory and minimal discharge; 1000 cycles at 80% capacity
  • Charge time ? DC car socket - 2 to 3 hours; USB - 3 hours, ac/usb - 3 hours
  • POWER OUTPUT ? 1 Amp
  • SPECS ? 12.7 x 2.5 X 12.7cm, 135g
  • INPUT ? Micro USB
  • OUTPUT ? DUAL Standard
About Brunton
In 1894, D.W. Brunton created the Pocket Transit: a compact, precision compass that freed outdoorsmen from the bulky equipment of the time, and set the course we still follow: never accept, never settle. Our home and headquarters in Riverton, Wyoming, at the foot of the Wind River range, is both inspiration and proving ground for products created to that creed, made for those who overcome and achieve. The drive to excel changed everything back in 1894; it matters more today.