Bug out Bag HLS9 Pack - Grey

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Bug out Bag HLS9 Pack - Grey

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Lightweight daypack with a good list of features including a concealable waist belt, external webbing ladder for additional storage; hydration reservoir compartment, external zippered slip packet and lid pocket. Small enough to keep handy in your vehicle for a shopping excursion or a hike through the park on a beautiful sunny day.

Sandpiper, the manufacturer of these great bags and packs, is the largest supplier of backpacks to the U.S. military. There are many backpack manufacturers out there and some are high quality, some are medium quality and some are low quality. The reason that these packs are such good sellers to our military personnel through us and through AAFES is they are one of the top quality manufacturers, but we offer the products at lower prices than the other top quality manufacturers. Just opening up one of these bags or packs and seeing the dividers and or pockets show the amount of time and thought that is put into these products. The zippers and materials are of the highest quality also. Millions of dollars worth of these packs and bags are sold every year to the US military, we have been selling them for years and have never had a customer complain about any one of these bags.

  • The Bugout Gear product line has recently become "Must have" items for our troops in every branch of the military
  • Bugout Gear is the "Best value" leader by far giving our troops the biggest "Bang" for their dollar!
  • Featured in Newsweek Magazine as the "Most requested" holiday gift by the U.S. Armed Forces!

    The following review is from one of our friends that we gave a Sandpiper "Bug Out Bag" to for evaluation. All the Sandpiper of California products are surprisingly well thought out and well made.

    Review: Bug Out Bag

    "My full name is Jeremy Glenwinkel.

    I did work for Northern Management, a government contractor that performed contracts in Alaska and Hawaii for the Coast Guard, Military, USFS, AF&G, and various other state and federal contracts. Often in remote and difficult areas.

    Weather was brutal to say the least and the terrain was unforgiving most of the time. If you want gear tested, take it to Alaska for a few months and see how it holds up.

    Let's see. When Tom first sent me this bag for a trial run in the Alaskan bush country, I was looking for something considerably bigger in size. I agreed to give it a test run anyway and he sent the bag over for me to take into the outback and abuse it.

    When I opened the bag up, I wasn't expecting what I got. This backpack has been well thought out and designed. The material is a heavy weight canvas type of material that looks and feels tough. All the seams are double and triple stitched. There are handles everywhere, and you can carry the bag as a tote, backpack, or shoulder bag.

    The first thing I did when I received the bag was to saturate it in a heavy duty waterproofing compound. Where I work it rains an average of 100 inches a year. It is always wet, so good waterproof gear is a must.

    I loaded the bag with my usual bush gear which consisted of a set of a heavy rain suit, military poncho, an extra jacket, several other articles of clothing including cold weather gear, ammo, maps, bug spray, emergency food, water purifier, a few assorted knives, some sharpeners, lots of 550 cord, Nalgene bottles and metal canteen cup, and a first aid kit for starters. There are other items like extra gloves, flashlights, batteries, and hand warmers and misc. other odds and ends.

    The bag has a pouch designed for a water bladder. I used my Camelback 100oz bladder and it fit perfectly, allowing easy and convenient water storage and accessibility.

    When I am in the bush, I always keep a shotgun handy for bears. Whether working or playing, I never leave home without it. I carry a 12 gauge Mossberg 500a Entry with a pistol grip, overall length roughly 29 inches. It mounts nicely to the bag on the sides using the cinch/compression straps. When I am not in the bush, I can keep my shotgun secured nicely with my bag and out of the way.

    The shoulder straps are wide and comfortable, even with lots of weight in the bag. There is a chest strap to keep the shoulder straps in place where you want them and prevents the bag from shifting around too much.

    This bag has quite a few pockets and compartments; almost too many. It is easy to stuff this thing full of whatever you want. The only downside to all these compartments is that it gets hard to close the compartments when they are filled. Also, some compartments, when filled, interfere with other pockets. That is not a big deal though and only tells me that I should use smaller gear or take less with me. It is easy to get carried away with this bag.

    I use this bag everyday to carry my gear and protective clothing. It is great for keeping everything together. I would recommend this bag to anyone."

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    Bug out Bag HLS9 Pack - Grey
    Bug out Bag HLS9 Pack - Grey