Camping Survival Weekend 2014!

Camping Survival Weekend! From Friday the 21st Through Sunday the 23rd!

Most of us take more time to plan our vacation than to plan for the survival of our family or friends during an emergency. We wait too long or for Black Friday or Cyber Monday hoping to get the best deal. This year we are presenting Camping Survival Weekend! November 21st-23rd.

You now have the chance to get ahead of the madness and chaos. The fact that we promote preparedness, this weekend we are going to be having our SALES before Black Friday. Now you don't have to wait for some other retailer to tell you when you can save and instead have this entire weekend to stock up. Best of all you will be prepare before any unforeseen disaster that comes calling and enjoy the time you have with your family throughout this holiday season.

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Camping Survival Weekend 2014!
Camping Survival Weekend 2014!