Sample Gift Pack Food Survival Kit

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We are very proud to offer our new Sample Gift Pack Food Survival Kit. This food kit is great because it offers a sampling of most of the food we offer here on If you are looking to become prepared and begin your own food storage stockpile, this is a good place to start. This also makes a great gift if you want to get someone else started on their way to preparedness.

PLEASE NOTE: This version of the kit DOES NOT include the pictured gift basket. If you are interested in purchasing this kit with the basket, please click here.

Included in this pack are 12 highly popular food preparedness items. In order for our customers to get the very best deal popular, we are offering this kit very little above cost! This is one of the very best deals we offer on our site, and it's perfect for the holiday shopping season!

Because we slashed our profit margin on these kits and due to the weight, we'll get hit with large shipping charges and will coming close to losing money on these kits just so we can introduce to you and show you how great these products are, we have to get a shipping charge on every kit sold. Therefore, only one kit per order!

Included with this kit are the following items:

  • One single MRE - MRE meals utilize fully automated equipment for cooking, mixing, filling, sealing and the retort of food pouches, which guarantee the best quality control. With three decades of experience, we have the expertise to develop virtually any recipe, from any ethnicity. Additionally, our strict adherence to USDA regulations in the formulation process enables us to expedite the approval process of each of our recipes resulting in faster approval by the USDA/FSIS.

  • One Datrex 2400 Calorie Food Bar - 10,000 kj. 2400 kcal per package. High energy value. Ready to eat. Non thirst provoking. Small and lightweight. All natural ingredients. No preservatives. Superior coconut flavor.

  • One Can Red Feather Real Butter - For the first time in our history of offering MRE's, canned and freeze dried foods, we have found a canned butter that is imported from New Zealand that actually tastes better than any gourmet butter we had ever tried and with an indefinite shelf life, no refrigeration is necessary!

  • One Red Feather Canned Cheddar Cheese - Red Feather cheese is real canned cheddar cheese that has a shelf life of 10-15 years.

  • One Bridgford Ready to Eat Cinnamon Bun - Ready to Eat Sandwiches were originally developed for the United States Military as combat rations for troops on-the-go. The Military required a sandwich with a three year shelf life, that tastes as great on day 1,095 as it does on day 1!

  • One Bridgford Ready to Eat Italian Style Sandwich - Ready to Eat Sandwiches were originally developed for the United States Military as combat rations for troops on-the-go. The Military required a sandwich with a three year shelf life, that tastes as great on day 1,095 as it does on day 1!

  • One Mainstay™ 1200 Calorie Emergency Food Ration - 5 year Shelf Life Non-Thirst Provoking Withstands Temperatures of -40° F to 300°F (-40°C to 149°C) Ready to Eat: Each package contains 3 pre-measured 400 calorie meals. Individualized portions eliminate the messy breaking-up that occurs with other bars Allows for on-land emergency consumption in a high-stress active situation. Contains no cholesterol or tropical oils.

  • One Wise Foods Single Pouch Sample - One Wise Food Single Pouch sample. We can't guarantee which flavor you will receive. All Entrees are Quick Cook 12 minutes or less.

  • One Keystone Canned Ground Beef 14.5 oz Can - Keystone Heat & Serve Lean Ground Beef for quick and easy meals in minutes. Use the recipe on the can or one of your family favorites! Uses: Soups, Stews, Chili, Beef & Noodles, BBQ Sandwiches, Tacos, Enchiladas, Burritos, etc.

  • One Can Keystone Chicken Broth - All natural, no sodium added, chicken broth for great tasting gravy, noodles, or soups. Keep this in your pantry to enhance any recipe.

  • One Chocolate Soldier Fuel Energy Bar - The U.S. military needed a performance nutrition bar for the toughest customer in the world - the American soldier. No bar on the market was up to the challenge. So it created the Soldier Fuel Energy Bar. The Soldier Fuel bar's mission: to "improve the physical and mental performance of soldiers during sustained operations and under all climatic conditions."

  • One Mayday 1200 Calorie Apple Cinnamon Food Bar - Serving size 3 oz., Three servings. Our food bar is baked under strict supervision to insure the quality which you expect. Mayday food rations can be stored outside to 149 degrees and can be eaten without preparation. Great for extended Hiking Trips, Survival of Life at Sea, Earthquake Preparedness, other Acts of Nature or and Survival Situations.