Camping Survival Tooblite Light Stick - 6"

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The Tooblite (6in) and Tooblite Mini (3in) are the amazing reusable glow sticks that recharges from any light source, glow-in-the-dark all night long, and can be used every night forever. Unlike traditional glow sticks that only last one night and require users to break, shake, or activate the chemicals , the Tooblite just needs light to charge. The tubes contain specially formulated non-toxic rare earth crystals that take glow-in-the-dark to a whole new level. And since they're are suspended in a solid resin, the Tooblites are extremely durable.

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I like these alot bought 2 one for my wife and I very handy
Review by Ian  (Posted on 1/18/2015)


Bought three 6" and three 3" tooblites but only one of them has evenly distributed glow crystals. The end cap on one of the tubes wasn\'t even attached. On two other tubes the caps are poorly glued on at best. The light output is pretty bright but only for a few minutes. After that the level of lighting drops off FAST to the point where it\'s pretty much useless. If you actually want any practical use IE: lighting a tent, find your way in the dark you\'d have to keep recharging them every couple minutes, which is pointless seeing how I\'d just use a flashlight. I would give these a zero star rating if the option was available. I truly believe this is a worthless product and isn\'t worth selling. The "no batteries, no bulbs, no activation" claims are totally thrown out the window. Granted that these tooblites themselves don\'t utilize such components, but the flashlight you need to keep recharging these tube do! So in the end you\'re really not saving anything. As for the "glows all night long" claim....well I guess they never specified how bright/functional the light would be throughout the night, so can\'t really argue that one.
Review by JW  (Posted on 1/10/2012)

get a fire fly...

A jar of fire fly\'s make more light than these things... and last longer... and cheaper
Review by Sucker  (Posted on 12/21/2011)

Camping Survival Tooblite Lightstick-6"

This is real junk! I ordered 2 two to try them out before ordering several for my survival kits. Thank goodness I decided to try them out first!! To begin with, only 3/4 of the tube has the glow crystals suspended in resin. A whole inch of the end of the tube is just clear resin. AND most importantly, they don\'t glow at all like the picture. Even after charging in real sunlight all day long, they only omit a small glow bright enough to see about 2 inches around the tube- only holding a charge bright enough to see that good for approx. 5 mintutes. After that, it\'s not bright enough to see anything at all- even if you\'re right upon it! Great for the daytime, when you can constantly charge it oh wait- why would you need it then! Not worth a dime at night! I should have known it was too good to be true! I\'m going to give it 1 star because my wife likes the pretty green glow.
Review by Jeff Raimo  (Posted on 12/13/2011)