Camping Survival Tooblite Mini Light Stick - 3"

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The Tooblite (6in) and Tooblite Mini (3in) are the amazing reusable glow sticks that recharges from any light source, glow-in-the-dark all night long, and can be used every night forever. Unlike traditional glow sticks that only last one night and require users to break, shake, or activate the chemicals , the Tooblite just needs light to charge. The tubes contain specially formulated non-toxic rare earth crystals that take glow-in-the-dark to a whole new level. And since they're are suspended in a solid resin, the Tooblites are extremely durable.

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These little guys are great for sporting around your support for CampingSurvival. I have one hanging from the mirror in the car, and some others rigged up as the pull chains for the lights in the house. Works great for finding them in the dark since they hang right below the bulbs and charge up while the lights are on. Doesn\'t take much light to get these things glowing in the dark either. Only wish there were more of the glow stuff inside, not TOO much more, but a little bit more.
Review by Marty  (Posted on 1/5/2012)