Chicken Tractor: The Permaculture Guide to Happy Hens and Healthy Soil Book

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This revolutionary, practical, hands-on book will delight gardeners and poultry growers everywhere. A Chicken Tractor is a bottomless, portable pen that can be moved wherever you need help in the garden. The chickens aerate the soil while eating pests and weeds, then fertilize the beds with manure. Best of all, they provide the great tasting eggs and meat not available in any grocery store. Chicken Tractor makes an excellent case for raising chickens in your garden, explains soil fertility, and shows how building a better garden with super rich soil can result in twice as much food from half as much land. You'll find complete instructions for building and using the pens, including a super-simple hay bale hen house, and tips to help you select and raise the best chickens for your needs. Plus ideas on making money with chickens in your garden. 318 pages. By Andy Lee and Pat Foreman