Classic Salmon Fly Materials Book

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Classic Salmon Fly Materials
The Reference to All Materials Used in Constructing Classic Salmon Flies from Start to Finish
  • Working with tinsels, feathers, silks, furs, wool, and threads
  • Instructions from a master tier on all materials--traditional and modern--and how to use them Building on Tying the Classic Salmon Fly, which demonstrates techniques for tying even the most complicated fully dressed salmon flies, Classic Salmon Fly Materials provides an in-depth look at all the possibile ingredients and methods for tying these flies. Starting with the first elements, hook and thread, Radencich gives guidance on working with peacock or ostrich herl and adding body hackles, throat hackles, and collars. He explains which feathers are best suited to each type of hackle and how to fold a hackle and tie in a throat hackle. He then moves on to the most distinguishing element of a fully dressed classic salmon fly, the wings. A discussion of underwings and married and full-feather wings follows, with details on the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of feather. Radencich pulls it all together by giving complete instructions for tying the Carnegie, with expert advice on choosing the proper materials and methods. About the Author:
    Michael D. Radencich of Weatherby, Missouri, has been tying salmon flies for 15 years and has taken photographs for many books on fly tying, including Spey Flies and How to Tie Them. 264 pages, 370 color photos
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