Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of the Northeast Book

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  • Handy in-the-field identification guide
  • Features the "Foolproof Five"
  • Includes a useful identification flowchart
The northeastern United States is home to an enormous variety of mushrooms--some delicious, some deadly. This handy in-the-field guide offers identification information for some 50 mushrooms that mushroom hunters are most likely to encounter in the wild: Parasol Mushroom, Delicious Lactarius, Sulphur Shelf, Giant Puffball. It also features detailed photographs illustrating the characteristics to look for when identifying mushrooms and natural history information--where they grow, when they appear, and the various forms they take. About the Author:
C. Leonard Fergus was a mycology professor at Pennsylvania State University. Charles Fergus is the author of Trees of Pennsylvania, Wildlife of Pennsylvania, Natural Pennsylvania, and a host of other books about the natural world.