Crossbow Hunting Book

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  • Evaluations of different crossbows on the market today and how to select the right arrow, points, and sights
  • Book includes shooting and hunting techniques for deer, bear, hogs, and elk
  • Classic crossbow hunts for big game in Africa, musk ox in the Canadian arctic, and water buffalo in Australia
The extreme precision possible with a crossbow appeals to many hunters, including big-game hunters who want to expand their hunting seasons; younger hunters and those with physical limitations, who appreciate the crossbow's ease of use; and those fascinated by the crossbow's recent technological advances. As more states are legalizing hunting with a crossbow, the need for current information rises. Crossbow Hunting provides in-depth analysis of the past 20 years of technological developments. A complete guide to hunting with one of the most ingenious tools, this book Crossbow Hunting helps the hunter select the right crossbow, takes him on the hunt, and shows how to prepare and cook the game. About the Author:
William Hovey Smith is author of Practical Bowfishing. He writes regularly on hunting and game cooking for a number of national outdoor magazines. He lives in Georgia.