Cyalume 4" Chemlight 6 Hour Light Sticks

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Cyalume 4" Chemlight 6 Hour Light Sticks

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Item Description
These Real Government Issue Cyalume Chemlight 4" Light Sticks are a very bright, compact and dependable source of emergency lighting for 6 hours. These Orange Cyalume light sticks are a clean and non toxic choice to illuminate an any area. These 4" light sticks can be threaded through to hang, can be hung on a key chain and hung on a line with the hook. Cyalume light sticks are very safe when operating near gas, oil, or any combustable materials. Cyalume 4" light sticks come in two colors and last up to 6 hours after activation by simply striking a hard surface. Cyalume light sticks are perfect for homes and in case of blackouts in hospitals, schools, nursing homes, offices, hotels, trains and industrial sites. Police departments, fire departments, EMS, utilities and government agencies purchase Cyalume light sticks in large quantities and are used in remote locations, confined space, and at crime and accident scenes. Cyalume light sticks do not need batteries and bulbs. In addition, environmentally there are no risks when Cyalume light sticks are disposed of unlike standard red road flares. Also, Cyalume light sticks work in sub-zero temperatures and have a shelf life of 4 years. All Cyalume light sticks are made in the USA. NSN: 6260-01-282-7630

Cyalume Light Sticks are a non-toxic chemical light stick that are safe in all environments and are used by the military, government agencies, utilities, police departments, fire departments, EMS, industrial sites, schools, nursing homes, hospitals, hotels, offices and homes. When compared to other types of emergency lighting such as a standard red flare, battery operated flare or other emergency lighting, Cyalume light sticks are the cleanest, most efficient, and safest way to illuminate an area quickily especially when near gas, oil or any combustible materials. Cyalume light sticks require no batteries or bulbs and simply activate by striking them on a hard surface. Cyalume light sticks are perfect for when a blackout occurs, when in remote locations, crime and accident scenes and in remote areas. Cyalume light sticks last up to 24 times the life of a standard road flare and work in sub zero temperatures. Cyalume light sticks have a shelf life of 4 years and are made in the USA.

Cyalume Light Sticks Applications:
  • Signaling, Evacuating, Search & Rescue
  • Illuminates Stairways and Walkways
  • Marks Routes, Accidents, Exits, Landing Zones
  • Traffic Control & Road Blocks
  • DWI/DUI Checkpoints
  • Medical Triage, EMS care with different colors for fractures, shock, etc.
  • Personnel ID, Safety Kits
  • Work Light, Confined Space Lighting
  • Surveillance, Perimeter Control, Search & Rescue
  • Obstruction Markers, Hazardous Materials, Utility Maintenance
  • Sewers & Water Mains
  • Underground Surveying
  • Explosive Atmospheres
  • Firefighting
Cyalume Light Sticks Advantages:
  • Guaranteed leak proof, water proof, and are non-toxic
  • 100% reliable and maintenance-free with consistent light output & performance
  • Non electrical and does not use batteries, bulbs or lenses, non-corrodible
  • Will not generate heat or sparks, non-flammable
  • Safe, convenient, practical, maintenance-free
  • Can be used in hazardous situations where life will be endangered or lost
  • 4 year verifiable shelf life, expiration date printed on foil
  • Activates in seconds
  • Emit up 360 degree of bright light
  • No special storage requirements
  • Fresh products made to order
  • Made in the USA
  • Used by the US Government

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Cyalume 4" Chemlight 6 Hour Light Sticks
Cyalume 4" Chemlight 6 Hour Light Sticks