Cyclops in the Jungle: A One-Eyed LRP in Vietnam Book

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  • One-of-a-kind story of resilience and determination in the Vietnam War
  • Combat action with a long-range patrol (LRP) team
  • Written in a no-holds-barred, from-the-gut style
In January 1968, barely a month after arriving in Vietnam, Dave Walker received a debilitating shrapnel wound to his eye. Medically discharged and sent home, Walker-now missing an eye-maneuvered his way back into the army and back to Vietnam in 1970, where he served another eighteen months conducting patrols and special operations in the Central Highlands. About the Author:
David P. Walker served ten years in the U.S. Army with airborne, long range patrol, Ranger, and conventional infantry units. He lives in northern California. 240 pages, 30 b/w photos