Dual Fuel Blue Flame Gas Wall Heater 20,000 BTU

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30,000 BTU vent free compact space heater with thermostat can be connected to LP or natural gas source and heats up to 1000 sq. ft. Designed certified by OTL for zone heating, a Kozy World vent free gas heater can reduce whole home heating cost up to 15% for every 5 degrees you set your home thermostat back. Vent free design requires no outside venting and operates with 99% efficiency. Battery powered soft touch ignition system provides quiet, easy lighting even during power outages. Operates without electricity so even when the power is out you and your family can enjoy safe, comfortable warmth from your Kozy World gas heater. Gentle blue flame heat circulates warmth throughout the room. Variable heat settings maintain constant heat output setting that was chosen. All Kozy World gas heaters incorporate the latest safety features. The safe watch pilot assembly assures that the gas flow automatically shuts off in the event that the pilot is extinguished. The built in oxygen depletion sensors extinguishes the flame should oxygen levels drop below acceptable standards and the pressure regulator maintains a steady gas flow for a safe, even burn. Not intended for use over 5000'. Check state and local codes for permitted usage. NOTE: Due to California law this item cannot be shipped to California.