Ducti Origianl Triplet Duct Tape Wallet

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Triplett Our famous Tri-Fold Wallet. Holds six credit cards along with picutes and a stash of cash.
  • 100% Duct tape construction.
  • Six credit card pockets.
  • Six picture holder.
  • Nickle rivets and added tape for reinforcement at pressure points.
  • Nickle plated grommet. JOIN THE REVOLUTION? For the longest time many people didn?t give a darn about what type of wallet they carried? until DUCTI came along. We rocked the industry with our anti-society super duct tape wallets that say more about who you are. Why on earth would you be caught dead carrying a lame old leather wallet that you got from your grammy for x-mas (nothin against grammy, we?re sure she?s cool and couldn?t find the ducti?s when she bought you that lame wallet, plus she probably makes some killer grub). And besides, what if you got hit by an eighteen wheeler tomorrow and you found yourself face down in a ditch clinging to life? your wallet may be the only thing anyone will know about you. And just maybe as the paramedics drag your sorry butt out of the ditch they discover your rockin? a DUCTI. They would immediately know you?re the man and give you some special, sweet attention that you could probably really use? being that you were in a ditch and all. So join the revolution and do it DUCTI style.
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