Edible Wild Plants: Field Guide to 100 Useful Herbs DVD

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TWO HOURS! FOUR PROGRAMS! Co-author Dr. Jim Duke and Jim Meuninck take you afield identifying, harvesting and cooking edible wild plants. Learn Native American and pioneer uses as well as Chinese medicinal uses. Discover how to make healthful herbal teas. Make "berry delicious desserts". DVD identifies poisonous plants and poisonous look-a-likes.

"The Forager's Dozen" one of the two new programs simplifies plant identification by isolating 12 plants that are found almost anywhere, are delicious and nutritious. With excellent recipes and insightful tips this one hour segment is most valuable.

****Four star rating from ABC/CLIO DVD rating guide.
The viewer sees plants from several perspectives, in more than one season. It's not just one look...not just One photo like you get in a book...EXCELLENT!"
-William Forgey M.D., Author: Wilderness Medicine
"Four stars and highly recommended."
-ABC/CLIO DVD rating guide
"A fast moving practical tape, full of new and useful information."
-Herb Seeker Press -Herb Seeker Press
Dr. Tom Squires: " Four stars. I use this DVD in my survival lectures. Dozens of delicious berries. Shows berries and nuts in all seasons."
Key Benefits:
Discover how to identify and prepare 100 edible wild plants.
Learn to identify poisonous plants and poisonous look-a-likes.
Uncover Native American, Chinese and Pioneer medicinal uses.
Step by step recipes on camera, easy to follow.
Cooking Tip: Saute cattail shoots in two tablespoons of Italian salad dressing. Served on a bed of edible tulip petals, garnished with edible pansies, chive blossoms, arugala flowers and shunkiku (Japanese chrysanthemum petals).

Also contains Trees Shrubs Nuts & Berries: Co-authors Jim Duke and Jim Meuninck take you through forests nationwide identifying and harvesting roots, bark, leaves, fruit, nuts and berries. Discover how to cook these wild foods. Learn how Native Americans, Chinese and Pioneers used these wild foods for medicine. Also discover modern pharmaceutical uses. Shows how to make primitive harvesting tools. A fantastic teaching tool.