EZ Towel: Just add water and watch it grow! (50 piece bag)

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EZ Towel: Just add water and watch it grow! (50 piece bag)

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Just add water and watch EZ Towel grow!

EZ Towel

EZ Towel EZ Towel is a compacted, compressed towel, about the size of 5 stacked nickels in its original form. All you do is add water and watch it grow. Simply unroll the EZ Towel and use it as you wish. Opened up, the EZ Towel is 8 1/2" X 9 1/2", a full sized towel! Each bag of EZ Towels contains 50 towels. Unlike paper towels, EZ Towels are durable, soft and absorbable. 1 EZ Towel does the work of over 10 paper napkins! It is made of 100% Rayon and is bio-degradable.

EZ Towels are full-size tissues that have been hydraulically compressed into a small coin and packaged in bags of 50. EZ Towels are soft, durable and degradable. They are made from natural cotton pulp and when in dry form, cannot be contaminated by any germs or bacteria - THEY ARE 100% HEALTHY!

EZ Towel Activating an EZ Towel is simple. Just pour hot or cold water onto the dry coin, and WATCH IT GROW!

A Great Product for places where health and hygine are important (i.e. Restaurants, Hotels, etc)!

Great for babies with weak immune systems!

Excellent to have on hand when traveling, playing golf, camping or fishing!

Hart EZ Towels are durable, full-sized towels made of 100% Rayon. Hart EZ Towels come compacted in a convenient tablet size, all you need to do is add water and watch it grow! Once the Hart EZ towel is activated, simply unroll it and it's ready for use. Hart EZ Towel is soft, durable, and bio-degradable.

Great for home, office, restaurants, school, daycare, camping, fishing, and more!

  • STEP 1: Get one towel from bag
  • STEP 2: Slowly drip water on both ends of serface
  • STEP 3: Watch it grow
  • STEP 4: Unfold
  • STEP 5: Begin use.

  • CAUTION: Keep Hart EZ Towels out of direct sunlight and humidity. Store in a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children; Could be harmful if swallowed.

    EZ Towels come packaged in a convenient "Zip-Lock" type bag. Simply open the bag, remove your EZ Towel for use, and close bag until your next clean up. You get 50 EZ Towels in each bag.

  • Soft, Compact Durable Towels!
  • Great backpack and hiking towel

  • NOTE! We recently picked up this product after the manufacturer sent us some samples. It is a terrific product for anyone into the outdoors, preparedness and/or survival. I was very surprised by the quality the first time I simply put it in my hand and poured a very small amount of water in the palm of my hand. It grew in size and I unrolled it to a full towel size. I was shocked at how durable and strong it is. I was expecting the towel to come apart in my hand or even rip when pulling it apart, but it didn't. It is 100% rayon and is so strong that it is even reusable. Throw a few in your pocket, glove box or pack and use any liquid to make it grow. We highly recommend it.

    Tom Sciacca. President JHL Supply/CampingSurvival.com

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    EZ Towel: Just add water and watch it grow! (50 piece bag)
    EZ Towel: Just add water and watch it grow! (50 piece bag)