Fish Food: A Fly Fisher's Guide to Bugs and Bait Book

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This book includes a thorough examination of the foods trout eat, by a master of observation and adaptation whose curiosity has led to innovations in fly design and angling techniques. Covers specific trout foods such as blue-winged olives, caddis, damselfies, scuds, and ants, and general information, including insect life cycles and taxonomy. Rather than accepting point-blank the traditional views of insect hatches, the author has donned his snorkeling gear and studied species underwater, adapting his fishing to reflect his findings. About the Author:
Ralph Cutter, who lives in the Sierra Nevada mountains with his wife Lisa and daughters Teal and Haley, is the author of Sierra Trout Guide. He has contributed to over a dozen books and writes for several magazines. Ralph and Lisa run the California School of Flyfishing. Review:
"Ralph Cutter is a fly fisher's fly fisher: an expert at handling a fly rod, certainly, but also inquisitive and, just as important, iconoclastic. As you'll learn from this book, he takes nothing for granted. And the knowledge you'll gain from Ralph's hard work will surely improve your ability to tempt trout to your fly." --Richard Anderson, Publisher and Editor, California Fly Fisher