Coghlan's Fire Lighters / Fire Starter

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The Coghlans Fire Lighters / Fire Starter works great for starting a fire. No kindling or paper needed. Just put the wood in a pile and place a few of these around the wood and it'll catch fire quickly. * 20 Sticks Per Package * Each Stick Burns For Approximately 7 Minutes * Strike On Box Only * Each Package Weighs 4.5 Ounces To see the complete line of Coghlan's camping gear, check out our new site dedicated to all of Coghlan's more than 450 items here. It's important to have a good fire starter. It's also important to have some good tinder. We sell some very good tinders here. However, it is also important to use your fire starter at home before you go outdoors. A great project for the budding outdoorsman is making your own tinder. Try the cotton ball and vaseline tinder method. Just get a cotton ball and some vaseline. Get the vaseline throughout the cotton ball, but don't oversoak it so it's too wet with vaseline. You'll need to pull the cotton ball apart a bit to expose the individual threads and throw a spark from you new fire starter. You'll be amazed at how quickly it catches fire and how long and hot it burns. This is a great project for scout troops as well. The homemade cotton ball and vaseline tinder is great, but can be messy. Go ahead and also try one or more of our compressed tinders. Another great project is to try different fire starters and tinders to see which works best for you. Again, the bottom line is to learn how to make a fire with your fire starter long before you have to start a fire in a survival situation.

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Fire Lighters

The fire lighters work very well in wet and dry conditions I\'ve used them for about a year now and I have never failed to get a fire going with them it\'s a great product tha works
Review by Rich Book  (Posted on 1/10/2014)