Fishing Tips for Freshwater Book

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  • Tips on locating fish, using and caring for equipment, choosing bait, ice fishing, and fly fishing and tying
  • Details on 31 species, including sturgeon, walleye, perch, and bluegill
  • Book is Packed with illustrations
From fishing through different seasons to making use of safety pins, PVC pipe, and nail clippers, Gene Kugach serves up a new collection of useful fishing hints. He also includes in this book instructions for filleting and dressing various kinds of fish and provides recipes such as Perch with Cheese Sauce, Baked Bullhead, and New England Fish Chowder. About the Author:
Gene Kugach is author of Fishing Basics, Freshwater Fishing Tips and Techniques, Fly Tier's Handbook, and Fly Tier's Pattern Book. He lives in Park Ridge, Illinois.