Flint and Steel Fire Making Set

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We have searched extensively in order to bring you the very best strikers for flint and steel fire starting. These authentically styled flint strikers are forged exclusively for Wilderness Solutions by master blacksmith Shel Browder, using 18th century technology. These exquisitely finished strikers not only throw hot sparks, their smaller size allows them to fit more neatly in most tinder boxes.

Each Flint and Steel Set includes a high carbon steel, hand forged striker, English flint, a roll of charcloth and jute nesting fiber.

For hundreds of years before the invention of the phosphorus match, flint and steel was the most common means of fire making. Many modern day historical reenactors are familiar with the use of charcloth. However, charcloth is actually a fairly recent development. Prior to charcloth, a variety of natural tinders were used such as wood punk also called "touchwood".