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Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) By Solo Scientific!

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During any outdoor adventure or emergency survival situation there are two pieces of equipment that you never want to be without, a flashlight and a fire-starter. We have combined the two into one lightweight, compact, powerhouse of a product called the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter!

Our goal this time was to design and manufacture the best all-around survival flashlight fire-starter in the world and we have absolutely done it again! Created and Manufactured in the USA by Solo Scientific; the aerospace quality Ion Flashlight Fire-starter is a quantum leap in flashlight and fire-starter technologies.

This amazing new flashlight/fire-starter/cauterizer/magnet and so on is so special that it actually has over 26,000 perfectly made and engineered parts that are highly tested to never fail!

Have you ever tried to start a fire with matches, a lighter or a flint rod with cold hands? All you need to do now is touch this to the tinder and it ignites!

Our Ion Flashlight Fire-starter is a flashlight, a fire-starter, a magnetic tool, has a safety mechanism, is knurled for grip, and can even be used to cauterize wounds in the field (by qualified medical personal only). Our energy efficient Ion Flashlight Fire-starter will work in any environment that will support life and uses a super bright (but energy efficient) white LED for illumination. The flashlight feature of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter will provide illumination for up to 35 continuous hours on one set of batteries! Now that's efficiency.

The electrically heated fire-starting element of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter is non-consumable, water proof, and designed to last a life time! It is also self cleaning and unbreakable! The Ion Flashlight Fire-starters' red hot integrated electrically heated fire-starter will ignite combustible materials enabling you to start your campfire anytime anywhere! The fire-starting element is also protected by a (knurled-for-grip) removable protective cap that includes a super strong neodymium magnetic insert at the tip that can be used to magnetize metal objects to fashion a crude compass in the field. The fire-starting element protective cap can also be magnetically attached to the base of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter (also fitted with a neodymium magnetic insert) for storage during operation of the fire starting element. Either end of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter can be used as a magnetic tool to retrieve dropped metal objects and you can even illuminate the area while using the magnetic tip to help find your lost object(s).

The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter is powered by (2) Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA Batteries (included). You may also purchase extra batteries on this web site or they can be purchased in nearly all retail stores that sell batteries. The Ion Flashlight Fire-starteralso has an integrated rotating switching mechanism that automatically turns off the LED lamp when using the fire-starter feature. This makes it possible to direct all electrical energy to the electrically heated fire-starting element while in use. The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter also includes safety and reference channels that are permanently machined into the housing that are used as both visual and tactile references during operation. The safety and reference channels are also used to house an on board safety clip that prevents accidental operation of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starterduring storage or transport in backpacks or other stowing containers.

The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter is machined from solid lightweight aircraft aluminum, has (3)o-ring seals making it completely water proof, is only 6.63" (16.84cm)long, and weighs only 4.75oz (134.7g) with batteries installed. We designed this product for survival minded people like us. We think you will agree that every survival kit should include an Ion Flashlight Fire-starter.

The LED has a useful life of 50,000 hours, so if a customer burns it out we will replace it for free and put them in the Solo Scientific flashlight Hall of Fame! The Flashlight will go 40 hours on one set of batteries, the math suggested it, and actual testing has confirmed it and it is up on the site. The flashlight will remain at the same intensity for the entire 40 hours for reasons that are too complicated to explain here and then decline from there.

Congratulations on your purchase of the Solo Scientific Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) manufactured by Solo Scientific in the USA! The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is the first flashlight fire-starter of this type ever invented and is designed to function in any environment that will support life. The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is mad from corrosion resistant, high strength, lightweight materials, and will be your faithful flashlight fire-starter for many years. Your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is sealed from the elements by (3) independent o-ring seals and is water resistant. Do not disassemble your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) beyond what is necessary to insert new batteries. The lubricant on the threads of your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is special lubricant that is electrically conductive and is designed to work for the life of your unit. Do not use any other lubricant on your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending). Your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) has been shipped with (2) AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries (may be installed). For best performance we recommend only using Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries. In emergency situation any type of AA Batteries will work but performance will be significantly reduced. Also included are two pieces of fore starting material (plain cotton balls) to help you learn how to use your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending)!

Your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) was shipped with the Safety Clip (A) installed to prevent it from accidentally turning on during transit. When your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is not in use ALWAYS INSERT THE SAFETY CLIP (A) into the Safety Clip Channel/Flashlight-On Reference Channel (E). To use the flashlight portion of your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) forcibly remove the Safety Clip (A) and re-insert it into the Safety Clip Storage Channel (B) (3rd channel). This can be done effectively by first unscrewing the Fire-starting Element Protective Cap F and using the bottom edge of the cap to push off Safety Clip A (turning top Cap C counter clockwise several turns makes this easier). Be aware of the fact that the Fire Starting Element L is exposed during the procedure. Re-affix the Fire-starting Element Protective Cap F. Next rotate the Top Cap (C) of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) clockwise until the Bottom Edge of the Top Cap (D) is over the Safety Clip/Channel Flashlight-On Reference Channel (E). Rotate the Top Cap (C) until the light is steady-on. The Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) is equipped with a low friction ball bearing switching mechanism that is designed giving 4 million switching cycles and the light may flicker momentarily at first contact but will go steady-on as the ball bearing climb along the switch. The flashlight portion of your Ion Flashlight Fire starter™ (Patent Pending) will run for 40 continuous hours at full intensity an will operate along the switch. The flashlight portion of your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) will run for 40 continuous hours at full intensity and will operate approximately 15 more hours at lower intensity. To turn off the flashlight simply rotate the Top Cap (C0 counter clockwise until the light goes off. The light automatically turns off while using the fire-starter feature. Before we explain how to turn on the fire starting portion of your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) please note that you should operate the fire-starting position of your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) for periods of 15 to 30 seconds at a time and then let our batteries rest for 30 to 90 seconds between usages. This will give you maximum battery life and may more fire starts. With practice you be able to ignite tinder in 10 to 15, thus greatly improving the endurance and recovery of the batteries. The total time available on (1) set of batteries for fire starting is approximately 15 hours. Given the fact that it only takes 10 to 15 seconds to start a fire, following the guidelines in this text with yield hundreds of fires on (1) set of batteries. Always prepare your tinder before your tinder carefully. Cotton balls toilet paper, milkweed fluff, dry leaves , and burdock (to name a few) are readily available common tinder's that could e used. It is important to maximize surface area when starting fires. For example, when using cotton balls, spread the cotton ball out into a thin layer and then fold it onto itself when using toilet paper you my simply place a torn corner between the top two edges of the Fire Starting Element Coils or drop the toilet paper into 1/4 inch wide strip and then fold them over on top of each other lightly allowing spaces for oxygen to permeate the material. Always place your tinder above the fire-starting element (heat rises). Once your tinder is prepared remove the Fire-starting Element Protective Cap and magnetically attach it to the bottom of the Battery Cap. This is accomplished by aligning the Neodymium Magnetic Insert to the Battery Cap (I) rotate the Top Cap until the Bottom Edge of the Top Cap just stops. DO NOT OVER TORQUE IT IS NOT NECESSARY - and is over the Fire-starter -ON Reference channel. You will see the Fire Starting Element begin to glow red (note: in extremely bright light you may not see the glow, don't touch! The fire starting element is capable of reaching temperatures of 1250 degrees F on fresh batteries and will burn flesh). Let the Fire Starting Element heat up for 10 to 15 seconds (very important). Once you have prepared your tinder, touch the red hot Fire Starting Element to the base of the tinder making light contact with fire starting element's coils. The hottest spot on the Fire Starting Element is just between the edges of the two coils - don't force tinder between the coils - touching that area will yield plenty of heat to start your fire. Remember to turn the fire-starter feature off after 15 - 30 seconds during each use for maxim battery life. Always remove the Fire Starting Element from fire once the fire ignites. Never run the fire starting portion of the Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) longer than (1) minute at a time to prevent battery damage. When used properly the batteries have great recovery and letting your batteries rest between fire starts will give you maximum performance. Batteries can be run very low and still bounce back to start fires once rested. To replace batteries remove Battery Cap and install as shown in the figure below. Note: if only one coil is red hot, separate the two coils so they are not touching at any point. This can be done with a small jack knife blade or your finger nail. Take a good look at your coil the first time you use it and that is how it should look for maximum performance. The distance between the top of the coil should be about .020" (about the thickness of a standard staple).

Your Ion Flashlight Fire-starter™ (Patent Pending) can be used to cauterize wounds. Cauterizing should only be done by qualified medical personal in emergency situations that require extraordinary measures.

Comments from Tom Sciacca (September 10, 2014
Great evening and morning talking about and working on the new Ion! We know the price is high and naysayers can always take a new product apart, but we have a lot more info coming. This thing will ignite leaves, birch bark and just about anything, it's super hot! It can cauterize wounds, can magnetize to make a compass and I have a $125.00 surefire flashlight i my pocket that this thing blows away in every way. It is better made and better engineered than any flashlight you've ever seen and is American engineered and made from top to bottom. Battery life is over 40 hours with the flashlight and a couple hours with the fire starter. That's a ton of fires. This is hot! 

- Tom Sciacca, President JHL Supply and

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ion flashlight firestarter

I greatly anticipated receiving the ion flashlight firestarter, however I would have to say that I\'m disappointed, first of all this is nothing more than a min-maglight that does not throw off much light, yes the firestarter works, that being said a lanyard hole would have been something that it should have so that the item wouldnt be as easily lost,is this light worth the price, not hardly $50. max, overall this will be a distant backup in my survival kit.
Review by ben terwellen  (Posted on 12/10/2011)