Fly-Fish Better Book

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Fly-Fish Better
Practical Advice on Tackle, Methods, and Flies
  • This book teaches how to solve or avoid common fly-fishing problems, make the best use of tackle, and catch more fish
  • The best rod for the job, matching the line weight to the rod for particular situations, knot tying (clear photos show how it's done), hooks and sharpening, coping with tiny flies, fishing the salt, releasing fish
After busting more than half a mile of tippet material testing various connections, Art Scheck has come up with the best rigging methods for freshwater fly fishing, whether you want to keep things as simple as possible or build a rig with the greatest strength. But tackle is just one of the many areas he covers in this fly-fishing guide. He also hits on techniques and methods for using various types of flies, the whereabouts of fish and the general kinds of foods they eat between hatches, and all sorts of tricks that can make fly fishing less frustrating and more fun. About the Author:
Art Scheck is author of Tying Better Flies, Fly Rod Building Made Easy, and A Fishing Life is Hard Work and has been the editor of Scientific Anglers Fly Fishing Quarterly, Orvis News, American Angler, Fly Tyer, and Saltwater Fly Fishing. He lives in Anderson, South Carolina.