Fly-Fishing for Bonefish Book

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Called the ghost of the flats, the silvery bonefish is the holy grail of flats fishing. Its speed in the water and chameleonlike color make it the ultimate challenge to catch, and because of its elusiveness, much of the joy of bonefishing is in searching for the fish. Finding bonefish from a skiff and while wading are thoroughly covered, as is catch-and-release. Details on the bonefish's environment and its food provide the essential background, and with this book you'll learn what tackle and flies to take and how to cast efficiently in the flats. About the Author:
Chico Fernandez took his first bonefish on a fly rod in the late fifties and has been hooked on bonefish ever since. He lives in Miami and writes regularly for the saltwater magazines. Review:
"Fly-Fishing for Bonefish isn't just the best bonefish book around; it's also the best flats-fishing guide ever written." --Art Scheck "The most complete work on bonefishing I have ever seen. Information on tackle, destinations, presentation skills, biology, ecology, fly selections, fish-fighting techniques, guides, and on and on. . . ." --Sandy Moret