Flint Steel Bar, Ferrocerium, Stick/Striker 3/16" X 2"

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One of the oldest and most widely used methods of starting a fire is the flint and steel method. You'll need a rod of our fire starting flint below and steel to strike it with. You can use the knife blade, but that is not recommended because you will dull you're knife. You could even use glass, but the back of your knife or the back of a saw blade is best. As you scrape the flint bar the sparks that are produced by the scraped steel are then used to help ignite the tinder and start your fire. Actually the sparks you'll see are the tiny pieces of the flint rod you've scraped away. This fire starting method is reliable, but it does take a good deal of practice to learn how to do. However, with a little practice and the right tinder such as cotton balls and one of our premade tinders, you'll soon be a fire starting expert. Made in Austria 


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