Fly Fisherman's Guide to Saltwater Prey Book

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  • This book is the saltwater angler?s identification guide to entomology and fly patterns with over 450 color photos of prey and flies
  • Over 150 species and 200 fly patterns for crabs, shrimp, baitfish, and prey fish
  • Learn what saltwater gamefish eat and why and how to fish flies to mimic live saltwater prey
The complete reference for matching coastal prey fish and invertebrates with the fly patterns that imitate them. Photos of gamefish prey, information on the habitats, locations, and seasons when the prey are most likely found, and photos and recipes of the flies to imitate them help you create, tie, and fish the flies. The focus is on fly fishing for coastal gamefish in warm-temperate, subtropical, and tropical regions. About the Author:
Dr. Aaron J. Adams is manager of the Habitat Ecology Program in the Center for Fisheries Enhancement at Mote Marine Laboratory, and is director of operations and research for Bonefish & Tarpon Unlimited. His first book, Fisherman's Coast, is an angler's guide to marine warm-water gamefish and their habitats. Review:
?A standard reference for every saltwater tier.? --Marshall Cutchin ?A fisheries biologist with a Ph.D. who knows how to write and loves his fly rods is a rare breed.? --John Page Williams