Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove

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Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove

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Bivouac! Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove for easy travel. Forget cold food in the boonies! Heat up some grub, like beans, hot dogs or soup. Compact Cooker uses all natural fuel such as sticks, paper, straw, anything. No gas. No batteries. Unfolds in a jiffy from 6 1/2 x 3 3/4 x 1 1/8" to 8 x 6"h. (open). Hinged, all-metal panels. Comes in nylon case with 2"w. belt loop. Weighs 1.2 lbs. To deploy yours, order now! Foldable Pocket Cooker.

This is a great stove for cooking and or boiling water for your canteen cup. Some people even call it a canteen cup stove. Of course you can use natural materials or even trioxabe bars, your own homemade fire starters or anything that burns.

This Pocket cooker comes with blue storage case.

Forget cold food in the boonies! Heat up some grub, like beans, hot dogs or soup.

This pocket cooker is an item that comes highly recommended by our customers that are interested in backpacking, camping, hiking, survival and many other outdoor activities. We have been looking to carry it for a while and now we have them available.

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Pocket cooker main features:

  • Light collapsible, compact - no special fuesl needed. Just use anything you have available, paper, branches anything burnable.
  • Fast, efficient - cooks, boils, heats meals in minutes
  • Safe, nature friendly, reliable - for use all year round
  • Sturdy and simple, built of heavy duty materials, it requires little care.

    Toms test of the pocket cooker:

    This is a new item that we recently picked up. I have been hearing about the pocket cooker for a while and was recently on a week long trip at a friends survival school. One of the other guys had one of these and I took just a few minutes to check it out for quality. It is very well made. It's seems a little heavy, but that is because it is made of pretty solid steel.

    Last night I took the pocket cooker home to play with it. My kids and I opened it up easily and set it on the grass. I measured out two cups of water in one of our small kitchen saucepans. I then started a small fire in the cooker after gathering some tinder, some small branches and pine park. On the inside bottom of the pocket cooker, is a couple metal shelves with air holes throughout them for air flow that are raised about a half inch off the ground to build your fire on. It just took a couple minutes to get a small fire going in the pocket cooker and get the flames roaring. I put the saucepan on the cooker and it really got warm quickly and I had a rolling boil in 5 minutes and 45 seconds. Not bad for the whole thing. Pull it out, fire it up and you have boiling water in under 10 minutes.

    I like it because it is so much easier to get a small, metal enclosed fire ready and roaring in the pocket cooker than it is for a regular sized camp fire. When it was done, I simply put the fire out with the water and kicked it over in the dirt and grass and stomped on it a bit. I then hosed it out, set out to dry and put it back in the pouch. In the field, of course you could clean it up with sand or dirt or preferably some nearby water.

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    Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove
    Foldable Pocket Cooker, Canteen Cup Stove