Future Essentials Canned Garden Seeds

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More than 17,000 seeds hermetically sealed for long-term storage in this one can!! Ideal for emergency & survival preparedness!

21 non hybrid hermetically sealed mylar jumbo size seed packets in a #10 can plus 16 pages of detailed growing and harvest instructions.

A fantastic mix of heirloom, non-hybrid, open pollinated and organic long term storage seeds.

Non-hybrid/heirloom and open pollinated seeds produce true to variety seeds to replant for future harvests. Hybrids will not always produce true to variety seeds. Harvest your own seeds for future plantings!

note: Does NOT contain a BPA lining

Each can contains:

* Beets, Candy striped, Organic, Chioggia, 806 Seeds
* Broccoli, Multi-Cut Italian Variety, Organic, De Cicco, 3,026 Seeds
* Zucchini Squash, Costata Romanesco, 33 Seeds
* Tomato, Organic, Eva Purple Ball, 348 Seeds
* Lettuce, Romaine, Organic, Rouge D'Hiver, 3,257
* Beans, Pole, Garden of Eden, 32 Seeds
* Peppers, Sweet, Yellow and Red, Antohi Romanian, 134 Seeds
* Eggplant, Organic, Rosa Bianca, 136 Seeds
* Melon, Organic, Edens Gem, 42 Seeds
* Squash, Winter, Blue Hubbard, 14 Seeds
* Carrot, Organic, Scarlet Nantes, 5,370 Seeds
* Corn, Old-Fashion Sweet, Organic, Double Standard, 106 Seeds
* Onion, Yellow, Hard Storage, Organic, Cortland, 212 Seeds
* Spinach, Space, 851 Seeds
* Cucumber, Organic, Marketmore 76, 22 Seeds
* Cabbage, Red Organic, Red Express, 526 Seeds
* Peas, Shelling, Feisty, 500 Seeds
* Parsnips, Andover, 260 Seeds
* Watermelon, Crimson Sweet, 256 Seeds
* Radish, Organic, Pink Beauty, 1,281 Seeds
* Cauliflower, Organic, Cassius, 22 Seeds
* 16 pages of details planting, growing and harvest instructions

Premium Quality Seeds: enough to plant more than 2 acres. These varieties have been recommended by Utah State University for short season climates; with excellent adaptability for most regions. These 21 easy to grow varieties have been especially selected for this application. Your unopened seeds should store for four years or more depending on storage temperature. These seeds have been carefully dried to their optimum moisture content to increase their storage life. The cooler the storage temperature, the longer the storage life of your seeds. Ideal for Emergency and Preparedness Storage. The best place to store your seed would be in a cool, dry, dark location such as a basement. For best results store unopened can in a refrigerator or freezer.

These JUMBO SIZED seed packets give you more seed for your money and are uniquely heat sealed in a triple layered foil bag. Our seed packets allow you to reuse their bags by resealing the seeds with a hot iron. You can replant the seeds of these non - hybrid varieties for future harvests.

Designed specifically to include 21 easy to grow vegetable varieties that are recommended for short season climates with excellent adaptability for most regions of the Country.

MORE THAN 17,000 PREMIUM QUALITY SEEDS – COMPARE THAT TO ANY OTHER PRODUCT ON THE MARKET TODAY FOR THE SAME PRICE! Plus, many manufacturers will hide the lack of quantity behind weight measurements. How are we supposed to know how many Romaine Lettuce seeds are in a 3 gram packet like the competition sells for example? Who knows? We tell you exactly how many are in each of our packets – 3,257 of this great organic lettuce variety (plus or minus only 0.01%), and you'll find complete instructions in the can for ease of growing and harvesting.

Adequately dried seeds sealed in moisture barrier containers can be stored safely for a minimum of 4 years at 65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and much longer at lower temperatures. Each 5.6 degree drop in storage temperature will double the storage life of non-hybrid seeds. Critical factors are temperature and moisture content.


- 21 Popular Easy To Grow Garden Vegetables
- Special Open Pollinated 100% Non-Hybrid/Heirloom and Organic Seed Selection
- Precisely Dried For Long Term Storage (4 Years +)
- Mylar Resealable and Reuseable Bags
- Triple Layered Foil Packets Sealed In a #10 Can For Extra Protection
- Complete With 16-Page Gardening-Made-Easy Instructional Guide

Up to TRIPLE THE QUANTITY OF SEED of most other packages we have seen on the market, and almost HALF THE COST!

Packed recently. Packaged in accordance with the Federal Seed Act rules and regulations for hermetically sealed seeds. Sold by the Can.